Stories to watch in 2015

Monday 05 January 2015

Want to know the stories to watch in tours, packages, Africa and the Middle East in 2015? 

There have been a number of challenges in travel over the last years and 2015 is looking to be the year of recovery for many of the affected areas. Travelpulse has these forecasts for the year:


Though the big wave of Ebola panic has passed, the outbreak in West Africa has not yet been entirely stopped. Hopefully the story in 2015 will be the end of it, and improved methods for preventing its spread so that there will be no repeat.


The return of tourism to Egypt will not get the kind of attention that the collapse of the travel industry there did. Bad news tends to get more attention, but it will be exciting to watch the grand procession of tourism back to one of the most magnificent places on earth. The newly rejuvenated economy of Egypt and the happiness that will bring to the people of Egypt will be wonderful to see.


Though it’s still very low profile to most of the world, Ethiopia is on its way toward becoming a major travel destination. Though it has been hidden behind a veil for decades and is virtually unknown to the world, Ethiopia has major attractions for travelers. Ethiopia’s government has begun to make some good strategic moves towards bringing its attractions to the attention of the world. The whole process will take years, but the country may get some traction this year. 

The Evolution of the Experiential Tour

As experiential travel has swept the world as the preferred way to travel, tour operators are at the leading edge of creating the means to make that happen. Tour operators have decades of history and experience in creating the kinds of structures required to produce the opportunities to have great experiences in a destination.

They know how to package the elements that are required to provide in-depth, authentic travel experiences, so they are poised at the perfect place to take advantage of the craze for experiential travel. They are all competing fiercely with each other to come up with the best experiences. It will be a fascinating field to watch as it develops.


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